UN Membership Gift Sponsors

Generosity knows no bounds, and presenting a United Network (UN) membership to someone is a perfect embodiment of this sentiment. The heartfelt contributions from our viewers and readers pave the way for others to engage with our community and stay informed, regardless of financial barriers. Each membership gift serves as a testament to the collective spirit that thrives within our community.

We are united not only by news but also by the shared belief in the power of accessible information. Collectively, we are building a more inclusive world by embracing the principle of paying it forward.

Ready to Gift a United Network Membership to Someone? 

UN Gift Membership Sponsors

Sponsor's NameMessageContribution Amount
CliffHere is your membership$1,079.88
AnonymousThis membership is good for 30 days or one month if in March$8.99
Anonymous - Australia$89.99
AnonymousPaying with gratitude, joy and Faith$8.99
AnonymousI Just Love UNN, All you do and all you teach. A Massive Thanks to Kim especially, Sunny and the behind the scenes team we rarely, if ever see. I am so proud and happy for us All. It's high time more people benefit from UNN, as I know Many have been waiting years for UNN, Kim, Sunny, et' al to shine a guiding Light for all to share. On that note, My Gift is a Years membership. Blessings!$89.99
Zsolt K.Paying it forward. Enjoy!$8.99