Frequently Asked Questions

What is a field messenger?

Field messengers are real people telling real stories from around the world, sharing what is going on in their area. Field messengers inspire others to share their stories too! We’re all working together to restore our communities and planet earth!

How do I become a field messenger?

It’s easy! You don’t need any experience, training, or permission. It is as simple as recording a story on your smart phone and submitting it through our website to be showcased as a field messenger report on UNN.

What is a field messenger report?

A story from your location that you are inspired to create and share. 

What can I create stories about?

You can create stories about anything that’s important to your community. Here are some ideas.


News stories happening in your area! This may include investigative reports that reveal potential problems that need to be resolved.

Interesting People

Who in your community is working to make a positive difference? How are they motivating, inspiring and uplifting people around them?


How are people coming together and empowering change? These topics include food distribution, what needs restoring in your area, schools and other collaborative efforts.

How To

Teach people how to do something. If possible, pick something unique to your area so we can see what makes your place special.

Local Events

What local events are happening in your community? Take us there and show us some of your favorite local traditions firsthand.

Unique Places

Let's enjoy the beauty of our amazing planet! Show us some of the natural wonders that make your area of the world extraordinary!

What should be included in my report?

  1. Introduce yourself. “Hello, my name is Natalie, UNN Field Messenger”.
  2. Tell us what your story is about. “My story is about a local farmer selling their vegetables.”
  3. Say goodbye. “Thank you for watching. See you next time.”

What's the length of most field messenger reports?

Field messenger reports need to be between 2 and 10 minutes long. 

What equipment do I need?

The only thing you need is a smartphone that has a working video camera. You can use other equipment to enhance your report, like a selfie stick, tripod, or external microphone. 

How do I use my phone to make a field messenger report?

  1. Use the video app on your phone
  2. Record the video in landscape
  3. Make sure the lens is clean 
  4. Make sure you are looking into the lens and not to the screen
  5. When you press record, take two seconds before you start your story, and when you are finished, take another 2 seconds before you stop the recording. It helps with editing 
  6. Talk slowly, breathe. You got this!
  7. Do a test run. Record a few seconds of a video and then play it back to see how it looks and sounds. Is it blurry? Is the lighting right?

What settings do I use on my phone?

The best settings would be: 1080p and 24fps. Please use an internet search engine to figure out how to check and change the settings on your device. 

How do I best record the scenery?

Record and move the phone camera slowly. Here are some Field Messenger Report Creation Guides.

How do I know if my report is good enough?

If you can watch it, and understand it, it is good enough. i.e. Background noise can be very distracting. If we can’t remove the background noise, we may ask you to redo your report. 

Do I have to show my face in my report?

No, we respect your privacy. 

Can I use other people’s videos?

The whole concept of Field Messenger Reports is to have real people on the ground reporting real news. Original content from your own perspective is valuable and essential. It not only supports the creation of a Field Messenger Network, but it also adds validity to the news being reported. Please only use your original recorded video footage. 

Do I need to edit my own video?

No. You can send your video, voiceovers, and pictures to us through the website and our production team will edit the story for you.

Can I edit my own video?

Yes, you can. Here are some links to free editing software.




Can I add music to my video?


Where do I send my video?

Go to Submit Your Field Messenger Report on our website.  Complete the information form and attach your file(s). 

How do I contact the field messenger team?

You can join our Telegram Group   or  Send Us an Email 

Do you provide any field messenger training?