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The United Network (UN) community greatly welcomes and appreciates its sponsors because of their invaluable role in supporting balanced and responsible journalism. Sponsors contribute necessary financial resources, enabling UN to deliver high-quality, informative content to a global audience. Their support aids in maintaining editorial independence and journalistic integrity, which are crucial in a world where reliable, news is paramount.

Sponsorship also allows UN to invest in cutting-edge technologies, enhancing content delivery and audience engagement. Thus, sponsors are not just financial supporters; they are partners in UNN’s mission to inform, educate, and inspire.

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Sponsor's NameMessageContribution Amount
AnonymousLet us create the world we want to live in harmony and love$100.00
FranDonating two subscriptions from whomever needs it.$179.98
Marjorie & GeraldPlease use to help people receive a member ship to UNN.$500.00
AnonymousThank you for everything you do.$50.00
AnonymousI would like to sponsor an annual membership for one year. I hope everyone has access to our news soon!$80.00
AnonymousTrying to do a sponsorship for someone who can’t afford the annual subscription. Hope I’m in the right place$85.00
Sherry C McDaniel$300.00
Please use as a membership giveaway or at your own discretion please do not post my name$100.00
AnonymousThis is a small contribution to the Unn salaries. Thank you for your dedication.$50.00
AnonymousLove wins!$360.00
AnonymousIt is with great appreciation for Kim’s work to protect earth and the universe for all of us humans. The plants and all living beings. I appreciate her sharing the real news and educating us on the history and workings of the world as we never knew. I am supporting the work of our guardian of earth and all that will emerge from the restoration.$1,000.00
Brenda KayJoy, Love, and Peace to all.$3.00
Ruthie MayWhat a exciting time to be alive!$5.00
Randall & Jennifer HayesThank you !$100.00
yogaMicI endorse your work. I will make use of the application when it is available.$10.00
Bishnupur District Community Center,Manipur,IndiaIt is a great opportunity to get this opportunity of sponsoring UNN from our Community Center. Long Live CARE. Let our Ground Command serve for the betterment of Humanity of our planet Earth.$100.00
We Are One Quantum HealingI offer in person and remote sessions of Biofeedback and in person and remote sessions in a Quantum Energy Wellness Bed. Call for more information 918-896-1105 or visit my website Thank You. Tina Bebee. In Oklahoma 💗$25.00
AnonymousFrom the bottom of my heart, Thank You Kim and All for your service to all of Humanity!
With Love & Light
Julie BowdenSince 1998, Magic Moments Foundation has seen a group of committed, caring volunteers make a difference in the lives of others through their programs. The MMF Youth Leadership program in Sydney sees teenagers attend from Australia and 11 countries. Lives are saved. Lives changed.$50.00
Gabby Hammett StylingThankyou Kim and team .. you are incredible and we are so grateful for you listening to Source and conquering the dark and commencing the restoration of the earth. I am an image & wardrobe stylist with an interest in boosting people’s confidence and helping them to achieve their best. So excited to see the developments for UNN and humanity this year!$60.00
Elizabeth Westman$50.00

This has to be where Love Lives

Thank You For Helping To Create this Consciousness !!!
GiselaSo grateful of the work of Kimberly and Thomas and so happy to know UNN; it helped me to get rid of my fear and building up lots of hope. Our future will be great .
I really would like to spread more of the message in Belgium, we already have great structures and ideas here.
Sacha JosephThank you so much Kim, for your devotion to Source, to Truth and to Humanity.

You have been a blessing in our lives.

We are near the beginning of a whole New World and I feel privileged to be part of its creation.

Eternally grateful to you, Kim and to your entire devoted and talented Team.

I wish I could contribute more.
Hopefully, one day I will.

daughterI am living in Vietnam, a small Country next to the giant China. We the People here are always looking for the complete change.

Beloved Kim and Team, please, you have us here to be with you. We, all together go to the New Earth. Love & Light. 💖🙏
P. Lynn PirainoJust as I was waking up this morning, the first thought that went through my mind was that it was time, again, to donate to UNN. In all my 60+ years, I have never felt so strongly about protecting & promoting this truth. Sincerely,......thank you.$100.00
The Amber Owl StudioThis is an Etsy shop my daughter and I have started. We offer a range of products that are family friendly and offer a positive message.

EdithKim, thank you for helping humanity.$200.00
RobKeep up with the good work. Be safe, Love and happiness.$100.00
AnonymousThank You Kim and the Team. May You be always victorious, strong and protected! <3$369.00
AnonymousThank you Kim$2.00
AntonioTo help out carrying out the great work ,for Kim and her crew at UNN.
Thank you
Sheila sThank God for you all!$10.00
RonaldThank you from the bottom of my heart$27.00
HIGH STREET CHOCOLATEI have been making dark 80% chocolate bars for 15yrs. The lockdown and high gas and cost of doing business ended that.
I have my studio still on my property. I am scaling down . I would like to sell a couple of my large stone grinders. I can teach you how to work with them. They are new i had planned to expand.
AnonymousTogether we are making the world more peaceful place!$50.00
David Weiler$500.00
AnonymousThanks Kim and everyone at UNN!$36.00
AnonymousKim I’ve followed you since I saw you on Charlie Ward in 2019 and was sold with your honest truth. Praise Source Energy for all you, Tom and our crew do.$1.00
AnonymousThank you Kim for all you have done and continue fighting for humanity. We much love our Ground Commander.$75.00
Ian HBThank you for all you do 🙂$50.00
RBLive Forever KAG & UNN Team$2.00
JanetThank you !$20.00
Manipur State Restoration Team,IndiaWe have been following Kimberly Ann Goguen since 2021 and have full faith with any decision taken by our Ground Command. It is a great pleasure to assist some monetary support for UNN from Manipur State Restoration Team(MSRT),INDIA.$500.00
Barbara HI Thank God that He directed me to your posts over 2 years ago. You, Kimberly, and your whole staff are amazing and work so well as a team. It is obvious God is in control of all you do. Thank you for the huge amount of time and energy involved in "doing your job so well"! And I love how well you handle people that are trying to side track you. God Bless You and your Team.$100.00
Black Barn Trading CompanyBlack Barn Trading Company is a small family farm business in NC. I realize the potential negative association with the Black Sun / Black Dragon organizations but I assure you I am in no way related to, aligned with or affilliated with them.$50.00
Linda BicknellI am sponsoring here until we get the new app up and running so our wonderful UNN Team Members are ensured of an income during this transition.$25.00
Karen in SeattleAnd the beat goes on...$150.00
AnonymousMany Blessings to the United Network News Channel! I'm looking forward to the Health News on CHWE 🙂$14.00
RowanThank you Kim and the Light team for all you have done and are doing on behalf of Source, for humanity and All That Is. Sending so much Love and Gratitude.$50.00
Paul TThank you for everything you do!$50.00
CecileI am behind you Kim 100 per cent. Thank you for all you have and are doing for humanity.
I look forward to being of service.
AnonymousThank you Thank you Thank you to KIM and the whole team.$130.00
Cory BamrickKeep on changing the world and it people into the Golden days!$20.00
AnonymousCaring people supporting the real truth and way of life on earth for the restoration of earth. As tight as things are I am giving 10% of my monthly income.$137.00
HeatherThank you to all of the UNN team! Appreciate all your work and look forward to the real news$111.00
AngelaSupporting UNN and Kim is investing in a common and secure future, in a new world full of peace and love. As a woman leading us all into a new world is a real gift from our creator, it is done with love and passion you can feel Kim's emotions, she is a human being like you and me and shows us in her videos' how our new world of tomorrow should look like and goes forward one step ahead of us all.$500.00
Corinna and CarlMany thanks to all of you$50.00
AnonymousDeep love and gratitude to you Kim, Thomas, Sunny, Mike, Caleb, production team, other Beings and Source/Creator for everything you are doing to help/support Humanity, the animals and the Earth! Words do not seem enough! All my life I have longed for the suffering to end for all here on earth. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So grateful/honored to stand beside you at these times!$100.00
AnonymousTruly grateful to Kim and her team for all the work that you are doing to restore Earth. Heartfelt thanks$30.00
EileenMany thanks to Kim, Sunny and the entire crew at UNN. Your work is most appreciated.$100.00
AnonymousJust big THANK YOU to Kim and the whole team!$111.00
LorettaThank you so much for all you do. I am so glad to hear the truth. Finally. It's such a relief to hear good news. No fear porn. I love it!$100.00
Aleksandr LitvinovAd narandum, non ad probandum. Ad memorandum$100.00
Anonymous RiwkaGrace and gratitude to all.$100.00
AndreaFallowing UNN and Kim the last 2 years, I wouldn’t want to miss the real news. Being part of the UNN community and the Restoration Plan inspires me every day. Thank you the entire team for this amazing committed work to build the New Earth! Love to all of you!$10.00
Not a house but a HOMEKim, I believe we have crossed paths "before". That said, my ears perked up when you mentioned "Denton", as they did when you spoke of the MERS leveraging. My home is currently under fraudulent foreclosure, and tho I have the bastards completely cornered, I URGE you and/or your team to look into's connected. Kindwhile, my gratitude for all you do is truly immeasurable...$120.00
AnonymousThank you so much to all of you in the UNN team that come together to give us the information we need to stay informed So we can all do our part in the restoration of our planet. I am very ,very grateful to you all.$50.00
Pamela HamiltonThank you UNN and C.A.R.E. for all that you do for humanity.$30.00
Anonymouskeep up with the good work. We can't thank you ALL enough$30.00
🥰Thank you!$30.00
AnonymousThank you Kim & Sunny$10.00
SusanKim I first saw a letter from you on Dinar Chronicles to Tank, you were causing a huge ruckus!!! No RV??? Your bravery caught my attention, and I have watched you ever since, first curious, then you started making more sense than anyone else I listened to and I'm still here. I have never doubted your connection to Source. Questioned the time frame a few times, but not your commitment !! Thanks!!$150.00
YTThank for the commitment to serve all beings with no one left out. Shalom!$30.00
Faye LombardozziThank you for educating me and for UNN . I’m so grateful GOD brought me to United Network News and to Kim. Thank you 🙏 for all you and your team have done ❤️$50.00
AnonymousEveryone ! To claim our power, our own mighty I AM Presence, use our attention and intention on what we want to create. Discard into the Violet Flame of transmutation all that does not serve Life, the Light. Study - teachings to liberate ourselves and Earth. Blessings abound!! Enlightenment is possible in this lifetime. We are protected. The Angels are among us.$200.00
Mac’s Art PlaceFrom your lips to the world’s ears! Events are not as important as your reactions to them. The greatest gift I can give is Love energy for healing and peace.$100.00
Brad TThank you Kim and team for all you have been doing for planet earth$100.00
GWENSo happy to be a sponsor. “LOVE AND LIGHT”$200.00
MucachoThank to Kim for everything she does for us$10.00
Clyde & PaulaThank You! ☺$75.00
AnonymousReal News from the people for the people is very important for humanity.$50.00
Henryenergy exchange...$100.00
DeborahThis is my positive vote for Earth's Restoration and the Spirit of it ALL. Peace Be With Thee.$10.00
AnonymousA little over a year ago I came across Kim's occasional reports that caught my attention. And even though it was hard for me to accept some of the truth she was telling, I kept trying to hear more. I finally found UNN and subscribed for the entire year. I have not missed a single report yet. Thank you all for your hard work to educate humanity and show the way to sovereignty!$100.00
AnonymousThank you so much Kim for being such a great example for us all$50.00
Rosethank you very much to Beautiful Kim and team Blessings$50.00
RuggiRuggieroHappy new year$100.00
Mikael WThank You Kim and the UNN Team for everything you do for all of us!$50.00
AnonymousThank you for all your work Kim Sunny and team ....especially those behind the scenes$18.00
Ben BaileyThank UNN Team, thank you Source. Let us restore our beautiful blue jewel home, planet and community. Blessings to us all.$20.00
GMC "World Peace."Thank you, Ground Commander Kimberly Ann Goguen, Enforcer, and the other beautiful beings! So grateful!$50.00
Lynn PirainoIn this new beginning, this is the source for truth like none other I have seen in my lifetime.
I want to support the people that deliver this truth in anyway I can. ....with my eternal gratitude to everyone at the new UNN. Thank you.
PrinceGodfree’sEmancipationThank you team for dealing w the demonic hordes from a higher frequency of joy, hope, laughter and love. This is the answer to darkness! We are winning without blood shed! We are winning from the heart of Source!$150.00
John VThank you for all you're doing for Humanity!! The UNN/CARE team is incredible.$100.00
AlisonAmazing work everyone!! Thank you so much!$30.00
Carol & Steve LaibWe have followed you from the beginning and are so thankful for the inspiration and hope you have provided through your goal for the restoration of Earth. If it is to be, it is up to all of us!$100.00
ZilaKimberly Ann Goguen is God”s Right-Hand Woman, the most qualified person in the world for this position; the smartest strategist in existence, the humblest servant of God, and she gets the jobs done. She reports her progress honestly to the world and educates us about the mayhem attempted by the dark forces. The world is a better place with her in it, and we can all help to restore humanity now!!$100.00
Dragonfly FlowersI have enjoyed the updates on current events and the field messenger reports are so refreshing. Big improvement over Lamestream news programs that lie or promote gangsta fear porn narratives. I'm so over those other channels. Great job, thank you so much for these efforts!$50.00
Rudolf the Knifemaker-Chef etc.Thanks lot for what You all do for humanity 🙌🏻☺🙏🏻$25.00
Anonymous Chris MKim, thank you for all your help in leading humanity into the age of Love and Light.$50.00
Robert A Raizor (Bobby)I wanted to thank Kim and team for the superb job you have done since the unfortunate event that has recently happened. Thank you for the great job on creating a new website so that we can move forward with the restoration. I served in the Navy for 20 years as an Airplane electrician but I really dislike the way that we have been and are still being minuplated. I am ready to change the Earth.$10.00
AnonymousThank you for all you are doing!$50.00
RobertThank you for your dedication and love of humanity.
Wishing Kim and all her workers continual success,
health and wellbeing.
FaithThank you for all your hard work. I certainly appreciate all you do to bring us the real News and for working so hard to bring us a new world of peace, love and appreciation for each other.$200.00
JohnI've been waiting 64 years to be here now. Thank you all my kindred souls. Lets manifest a new world.$30.00
AnonymousThis is the most valuable work on the planet and one I have been preparing to participate in since before birth. I support the opportunity to reconfigure UNN and hope this small sum helps.$333.00
AnonymousGlad to see Kim and Team have come together to make World News available for everyone. -- Blessings!$40.00
AnonymousThank you for all you do.$30.00
AnonymousThankyou for your Labour of Love$108.00
OneWhoisGratefulThank you for all the years you have put forth the effort to get us to a fabulous goal, Kim. Thanks to all of the team who have labored for the site to flourish and gain viewership. You all are amazing. Love your "co-anchoring" with Kim, Sunny! A job well done! Love to you all.$20.00
ChristineHello everyone,
I'm following Kim nearly for 3 Years and I'd like to thank you for all the things you have done/do for us.
I don't know yet what my part is in the restoration plan yet that why I'd like to sponsor UNN.

AnonymousWould like the same monthly payment of $9.99 debited from my credit card as if it was previous subscription. Thank you UNN for all your doing for mankind$9.99
AnnaI cannot measure my gratitude for all of you at UNN behind the scenes and on the screen. As soon as its available I will sponsor monthly. Love to you all x$50.00
AnonymousI wholeheartedly thank everyone who has been, still is and will be in support of the UNN. No words can describe my gratitude. May all your wishes be fullfilled.$10.00
AnonymousLove everything You do. Thank You for all the guidances You give to let me grow and be better version of myself$20.00
AnonymousThe honour system. Here's to restoring honourable news, education, health, nature connection, business and in all public life 🙂$5.00
AnonymousThank you to Kim and all involved with UNN for your hard work and what you do for humanity, I appreciate all of you and thank you for the education you are providing us with. I really enjoy seeing Sunny on the news her upbeat, fun demeaner gives my day such a lift. Great to hear from Thomas Melville, I would love to hear more from him. Amazing job getting the website up so quick.$10.00
AnonymousThank you ALL (those we see and not see) for your skills, dedication and perseverance in pushing through yet "another" tumultuous storm guiding ALL of humanity into the new world.$100.00
TracyI Appreciate all the hard work, long hours and the never give up attitude from all connected with this Source driven endeavor! I am honored to contribute and be a small part of the ground crew!$250.00
Adam VKimberly-Ann Goguen removing Luciferians? Please take my money.$15.00
NVAssembly.infoNevada folks have invested many hours in assessment needs and methodology. Our assurance and essentials rollout plans including in-state grant development need only a bit of spit and polish for ground crew development. Our main concerns are water including sequestered mining waters, halting solar array temperature and earth fault exacerbation, and BLM mismanagement clearly reported by$500.00
Anonymousmore appreciation for ALL you do$30.00
AnonymousIt is a sheer pleasure and honor to contribute to all this great enterprise is doing for us and for Earth.$75.00
AnonymousYou all are AWESOME AND LOVED$15.00
AnonymousThank you Kim, and the UNN team. $2.00