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Here you will find a comprehensive list of our esteemed sponsors. Each entry provides detailed information about the sponsor, including a description of their business, the services or products they offer, and their contact information.

The directory is not merely a list, but an interactive platform providing an in-depth look into each brand’s values and aspirations. This allows visitors to understand the synergies between United Network and its sponsors, fostering a greater sense of community connection.

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Business Sponsors

Name of your business or websiteBusiness or Website DescriptionWhat location does your business serve?Website URLBusiness AddressPayment Total
AnamAurum.earthAnam Aurum transmits Angelic Frequencies to re-attune the human so that you can co-resonate with soul/angelic levels of consciousness.Global$36.99
https://hbplasmasolutions.etsy.comBecause there is always a solution! Potential “Solutions” to assist in bridging us into the new earth that we are co-creating: Plasma Water Solutions: User friendly & jewelry. A “Hug” for your Water Bottle: “Plasmafy” drinking water for you, your pets, and plants. Raise the vibe & bring lifeless water to life. Fruit & Veggie Spray: It's like they don't know they have been picked.USA, Canada, Australia, most of Europe etc$111.33
Academy of Compassion, heilgeraeder.chTrauma release, Workshops, constellations, Hypnosis Therapy, Channelings about where you are at the moment in time and space. Connection of all your bodies with source, professiona Dreaming
Books, Aura Sprays to support processes
I speak German, English, French and Italian
Coaching is also online possible.
Linthebene in Switzerland and worldwide if online coaching is requested$100.00
EnergyMedicine-Training.comWe provide online training using modalities that works with the human energy field to help us transform ourselves, releasing old, unwanted patterns and embracing new, positive, empowering ways of being. Our training is fully experiential and hands-on so that you learn and apply the tools on yourself and then you can integrate these tools into your own healing practice.Anyone that speaks/understands English globally$333.00
Copoco 's HoneyHoney and Bees. Many items made locally with honey or beeswax. We love to encourage local beekeepers. We offer mentoring and classes as well as live bees and all equipment needed.Centered in Colorado, USA N College Avenue, Fort Collins Colorado 80524$10.00
Name undetermined as of yetThis will serve as a placeholder for a future business in the future.Summit County$25.00
Author - Suzy GreeneShhh…God is Talking Are You Listening?
ebook available at your favorite bookseller online or Amazon
Soothing Touch To GoOur unique traveling program is to provide and teach wellness and relaxation techniques for the booming elder population, disabled, young and old, veterans, corporate and private world. Onsite programs consist of Chair Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Meditation, EFT Tapping, Drumming & more.
We believe when the body relaxes, the healing begins.
Massachusetts USA Worldwide onlinehttp://www.soothingtouchtogo.comKingston, Massachusetts$100.00
The Mindshift CenterWe are Ret. CH (LTC) Liz L’Eclair, PhD, and Retiring CSM Daniel Roberts, PhD – a military chaplain and a Religious Affairs NCO team. We have worked diligently in to support Service Members through trauma, PTSD, Moral Injury and other painful life events. We offer private and group online sessions, for coaching, training, and healing modalities to support your healing and success.Global online sessions and group retreats in person - website up soonhttps://mindshiftcenter.net3925 Sarasota Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28311$200.00
Brenda KayChildren's book. Life Coaching.Australia$1.00
Ajax Auto PlaceWe are an auto repair shop servicing American and Asian vehicles. We are family owned and operated and work to provide an incredible customer service experience. We work to help our community keep theirs vehicles running in safe and reliable condition while charging a fair price so we can live comfortably as well.Lakeland, FL and surrounding areas USAhttp://ajaxautoplace.com701 S. Florida Ave. Lakeland, FL 33801$50.00
www.m-c-b.euWhy Mouvance Centrale Beweging,
APOLITICAL ,equipped with innovative and compulsory systems that eliminate lies and manipulation.

M-C-B is the end of "more and more" converted into always better wirth less...

It gives people back the chance to express themselves and be heard ,redefining the issues ,decisions and basic management of capitalisme.
Belgium, France , Togo ,$400.00
Art by VictoriaMy daughter, Vicotria, who is 18 has been sketching, and painting animals, people, and scenes for years. She would love to share some of her work here.Western CT, and the whole united States via mail, possibly other areas in the future.$200.00 and Tonic is a collaboration of Practitioners, Local and in house Product Makers and Creators. Our philosophy is centered around providing Health Solutions, Products, Community Education and Community Connection. Our Health and Support Services include: TCM, Intuitive developments, Reiki, Energetic Balance, Spiritual Counselling and Guidance, Mindset Coaching, Tarot readings and more.Caulfield South, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 3162 Glen Huntly Rd, Caulfield South, Victoria, Australia, 3162.$2.00
Synergy StudiosDance, Health & Body Conditioning Centre - incl ZONE Technology, HEALY Frequency treatments, BOWEN therapy, EMOTIONAL FREEDOM THERAPY tapping, REIKI, AERIAL SILK HAMMOCH classes, PILATES rehab & extension work, BALLET , STRETCH & BODY CONDITIONING,SUNSHINE COAST, QLD AUSTRALIA.(For in-person service) & WORLD WIDE (Distant Healing & ZOOM exercise consults )2174 Maleny Stanley River Road
Booroobin, QLD AUSTRALIA 4552

or mail to P.O. Box 470
Alt Life WorldA small business eBook store, created to explore alternative perspectives on everyday topics and find new ways to improve our collective wellbeing.worldwide, English speaking$25.00
We Are One Quantum Healing CenterI offer in person and remote sessions of Biofeedback and in person and remote sessions in a Quantum Energy Wellness Bed. Call for more information
918-896-1105 or visit my website Thank You. Tina Bebee. In Oklahoma 💗
Worldwide Quantum Healinghttp://weareoneqhc.comSalina Okla.$5.00
La Domestique, LLcOrganic and all natural body care products for athletes and active individuals. Bumalicious Chamois Creme, Peppermint Cooling Creme for massage, Healing Balm Dermal Repair (terrific for dry skin, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash), Sun Defense Sun Screen, Botanical Antibacterial Hand Spray, gentle soaps, Body Butters. Expanding with the Dermal Balance skin care line of facial oils, etc.Albany, New York. Ship internationally once shipping weight and destination are known and costs agreed to.$8.88
Candace's Shop & ServicesCounseling SERVICES: Parenting Help; Grandparent Advice; Couples Counseling; Teens Welcome; Dating Tips (All Ages); Rural Living; City Lifestyles. Email for suggested Donations & Scheduling. Chicago Time. I take Cash App; Zelle; Venmo; Regions; CapitalOne deposit. SHOP: Right now, just a SURPRISE PACKAGE, $40 pp donation so email your shipping address. More Coming!Global$2.00
Francine Hernandez DesignsHandcrafted jewelry; created from the heart and mind of its creator to evoke feelings of love, warmth and joy in its wearer.Scott, LA/ USA$100.00
Rosslyn GardensHighly nutritious microgreens grown with the whole body mind and spirit at the forefront of what goes into growing these amazing foods.
Energy healing combined with nutrients guided psychically to ensure each person gets exactly what they need from the plants shown for them.
UK 3
Olympia Arcade
Innovative Quantum WellnessA holistic total body wellness center, where cutting-edge quantum modalities, such as the EE system, NES health, Bioenergetics, frequency devices, and lasers, converge to elevate your health. Our offerings include non-force Chiropractic and Acupuncture for a comprehensive approach to well-being. Step into a realm where quantum wellness meets personalized care, your well-being deserves nothing lessNewport Beach, California, USA Birch St, Suite 101, Newport Beach, CA 92660$111.00
The Amber Owl StudioThe Amber Owl Studio is an Etsy Shop my daughter and I started. Our Shop features our Original family friendly designs on Blankets, T Shirts , Mugs, Tote Bags, Leggings and much moreEtsy ships Worldwide$10.00
Elevate My Vibes Metaphysical ShopEnhance Your Psychic, Energy Healing & Spiritual Journey | Metaphysical Shop. Discover a range of unique items to aid in your Psychic, Energy Healing & Spiritual journey at our Elevate My Vibes Metaphysical Shop. Enhance your spiritual practice with items such as Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Crystals, Candles, Essential Oils, Self-Help Books, and more!Globally$25.00
Ascension Teacher, Clara J. Weiss3rd Generational Psychic Medium providing Psychic Mediumship Readings, Past Life Readings, Relationship/Twin Flame Readings, Chakra Balancing, Hertz Code Sound Healing, Quantum Healing, Reiki Treatments, Metatron Deep Soul Clearing, Pleiadian Vibrational Therapy, Psychic & Holistic Training and Development. Treatments & Training available for individuals & groups by In-Person, Zoom, Phone.Globallyhttps://www.ClaraJWeiss.com919 Cherry Street, East, Suite 103
Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614
Consumer Restoration - Virtual Assistant - Local Webpage Building SEOBuild online success! Offering personalized assistance in building local webpages for your ideas, products, and services. (3) 45-minute virtual, live sessions with screen share using Telegram, Zoom, and WIX. Learn SEO to make your webpage easily discoverable by locals seeking your offerings and links for UNN, CARE, or local restoration. 3 sessions cost $100, Regional Indiana, USA and Global Virtual Online Online Assistant - 613 Coronation Gardens, South Bend, Indiana 46637$1.00
lady007.skOffering emotional therapy for people and dogs. Natural hair ,skin care. Natural supplement and more.Slovakia/Europe$20.00
Intuitive ExperienceOffering personalized readings for those looking for clarity and guidance based off of their current and potential energetic tragectories in order to reach a higher actualization. Touching base with your higher self and helping realign you to the greater self that we have within us for the higher good and connection to Source/God/Multiverse.Everywhere$80.00
World Class Products With Proven Results. We believe that everyone deserves a life of abundance and wellness, to Liv Life Well. As a Liv International member, you’ll find more than healthy products—you’ll find a new lifestyle.
United States and Costa Rica$25.00 of one's Golden-Space at any moment in everyplace we love to live. With light-kinesiology and chakra-energy-release, we enable the electro-magnetic-waves to move in rhythm with the harmony of nature and with your true self. Fron incoherence to coherence within an organism, any size, self-healing is activated through Golden-Space.Hotels, Corporations, Schools, Shops, Individuals and Groupsütistrasse 4, 3367 Thörigen, Switzerland$250.00
MINDFLOW Practitioner & Self-Healing Coach - Certified Expert & TrainerMINDFLOW certified one-on-one single sessions, remote & offline.
Self-healing & resilience, stress management & blockage release on all levels mentally, emotionally & physically.

Learn the simple tools of the MINDFLOW Method of "How to Achieve Anything by Not-Wanting & Not-Doing" in a weekend Basis Seminar & how to apply them in your every day life.
Köln (Cologne) Germany locally & worldwidehttps://www.mindflow-neela.netDarmstädter Straße 7
D - 50678 Köln
DandelionIn an arc of whimsy and nuance of light, Lori Preusch’s fabled brushes speak with meticulous magic. From her enchanted canvases emerge the wide range of products her work is celebrated for. Lori’s vision encourages the creative arts, collaboration and community. Her fifty-year painting career expresses a breadth of heart and spirit, grounded in a deep awareness of life’s interconnected nature.United States and worldwide upon request.$50.00
Beautiful MemoriesBasic video editing and iPad12.9 Pro filming in NE Ohio and output of recorded files as well as beautiful Photos of a variety of subjects for sale. Fast PC and internet can upload or create new videos to place on YouTube, Tickick, and more.America and Global$30.00
Orana Marketing ConsultancyOrana Marketing Consultancy supports small business owners & entrepreneurs (especially alternative/holistic/healing sector) to expand their business with a bespoke marketing strategy, customer value proposition, brand, website & more. We give expert advice and deliver high-quality strategic and practical plans. Get your FREE 20-minute intake meeting today.All English-speaking people of Earth, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands$250.00
Holistic Health Naturopathic ClinicNaturopathic consultations, EAV testing, nutritional guidance and emotional support to achieve health and wellness

Bowtech® Bowen Therapy - gentle fascia work to rebalance body and mind

Online consultations to facilitate healing and homeostasis of body and mind

Homeobotanical Therapy


Clinical Nutrition

Bioptron Light Therapy (agent)
Auckland and Northland area in New Zealand, worldwide online Carmen Terrace, Snells Beach, Auckland 0920, New Zealand$25.00
Abuela Nona Kitchen LLCGourmet and comfort food feeding body and soul, l would love to teach traditional cooking!
At the moment operating in various locations
Orlando Florida USA$21.00
MicheleAnneThetahealing Practitioner- Medical Intuitive
I help people find and clear limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and download belief programs that will support you in all areas of your life.
Tamborine Super FoodsDo you have a passion to learn how to support yourself by growing your own food? If you do you may like to pop along for a chat about what we are doing on this 9 acre Community farm where the sky is the limit.
We are passionate recyclers with innovative ideas on how to create low cost food on a budget. We love giving cuttings and ideas so drop by.
Tamborine SE Queensland at the base of Mt Tamborine Vonda Youngman Dr, Tamborine 4270$50.00
MeetingselectSearch, compare and book hotels and meeting & event venues all over the world.

For all type of stays, from group hotel bookings and external meeting accommodations, for community meet-ups up, (hybrid) events, business meetings, conferences, workshops and seminars in +150 countries.

In case you prefer personal venue finding support or event management expertise, we have got you covered!
Your SenroyalRelax Revive Renew.
We believe in the best of people, and we start with ourselves.
Our goal is to bring out the best version of our guests with our SENMOMENT treat.
Where you can relax in luxury, catch up, be yourself, fully charged, overly pampered, fully cared for, radiant and cheerful, ready for a more beautiful, loving world.
Hilversum, The netherlandshttps://www.yoursenroyal.nlWitte Kruislaan 6
1217 AP Hilversum The Netherlands
BREATH CO.,LTDWe are sustainable and health "Earth Restoration Consulting" If you would like to introduce and open up and import Sustainable,Health and Earth Restoration service ,product,company in Japan.
We are the company to supporte you.
All around the world1-55-20-210 Denenchofu Otaku Tokyo Japan

ZIP 145-0071
Kauai majestic properties llcTell estate and Brokerage services for the state of hawaiiPrimarily the county and island of Kauai but all of Hawaiihttp://www.surfkauairealestate.com4560 emmalani dr
Princeville hi 96722
To The TEE Intuitive Guidance & HealingEnergy healing work to help people help heal themselves in a variety of ways suited to their own individual needs and goals. Clear trauma, programs, self limiting beliefs, vows, dark energy & consciousness and replace them all with 100% pure Source divine healing, loving, light energies to reveal the truth of how powerful we really are and to clear a pathway to the souls purpose and inner peace.Worldwide (English speaking)http://www.tannisstuckless.comWhitecourt, Alberta Canada$33.33 LiveGood, not only has our industry-leading team of natural health experts created the most complete, functional, and essential vitamins, supplements, and skin care products available anywhere using only the highest quality ingredients on the planet, but because we don’t sell them through stores we make them available to you at a fraction of the cost of other brands!!!USA/Global
1201 Jupiter Park Dr.
Unit 5
Jupiter, Fl 33458
Pur et SimpleWe are making face, hair and body products (lotions, serums, creams...) that are organic, clean and hand made with love and pure and simple ingredients.Eventually, we will be able to serve globally. Right now as we get off the ground, we are serving locally in my community in Southern California.Using my home address as of now: 1916 Vanderbilt Ln., Unit A, Redondo Beach, Ca 90278$100.00
EnergyMDT CorporationWe provide Wellness coaching and consulting specializing in transformation on stress management and pain relief on the spot. As a coach, I’ll teach you and as a consultant, I'll work with you to release your stress and pain so that you experience the transformation you want in the first session without meds and without disclosure…change doesn’t have to be hard or take a long time!Worldwide via Zoom - English and Spanish$100.00
PHILOSOPHY IN THE LIGHTMy channel is a public service that strives to raise the awareness of political, spiritual, and philosophic issues in the light of pure reason and fellowship during these times of transition and restoration of our Earth.Global in English$100.00
A Brighter Hope4uWe use Life-changing frequency technologies that empower people with information about their bodies and emotions via measuring and optimizing bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals. We can scan over 550 blueprint frequencies associated with functions of the body,and over 130 organs. A library of homeopathic, Australian bush, and Bach flower remedies may be imprinted or broadcasted.Remotely worldwide$50.00
Etsy Shop : BekazGalleryThis is an Etsy Shop designated to the artwork and paintings created by “Bekaz”. Selling prints of her artwork as well as a line of promotional products (example: mugs, t-shirts, bags, pillows, stickers, etc.)Worldwide (earth)$5.00
Etsy Shop / OneismUplifting, Motivational, Mindfulness, Positive Thinking, and Inspirational T-shirts. Oneism is what I believe that people are actually looking for inspirational sayings and quotes on clothing that uplift ourselves and others.Worldwide (earth)$5.00
C. Anderson Builders Inc.Residential Construction Central MinnesotaMcGregor Minnesota50013 State Hwy 65 McGregor, MN 55760$100.00
Bekaz Its ArtSelf-employed Visual Artist / painting oil on canvas.
I sell prints and original paintings. As well as a number of assorted items that my artwork is printed on (example: mugs, pillows, bags, suitcases, etc.)
World-wide (earth)$5.00
www.theonlywand.comWe distribute the authentic, cutting edge technology of the iTeraCare Terahertz frequency devices. First in the world portable frequency wands that release the elusive Terahertz waves that resonate at the same frequency of human cells. It recharges the cells so that the body can optimize and heal itself.We serve customers worldwide$25.00
Zen and DaoFrequency, Tai Chi, Qi Gong protocols for energy balancing. I also do Marketing for Health and Wellness companies.Berlin, Germany 23
12169 Berlin, Germany
Black Barn Trading CompanyWe focus on providing quality garden seedlings and teaching new growers how to be successful in their garden. We also offer a variety of baked goods and freeze-dried goods as a home-based cottage food business.North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee1127 Caler Rd., Brasstown, NC$50.00
Hypnosis and healing centerThe services that I provide are hypnosis, past life regression hypnosis, energetic healing sessions, emotional Parts therapy, and intuitive readings from the soul level with the guidance of angels and highly evolved beings.Newport News, va as well as world wide via phone. thimble shoals boulevard suite 906
Newport News, va 23606
People and Pets NetworkCalling all businesses, churches, and non-profits! Your one stop platform for services, religious outreach and volunteer opportunities. Individuals are connected to i.e. plumbers, pet sitters, etc. or humanitarian services seeking your business's expertise. Imagine a platform that transforms how you engage with your community where we all connect to help one another, including our furry friends.Startup - Local Southwest Florida to eventually National to Global$100.00
RollerFESTRollerfest 2024! 🕺💫 This vibrant event is a celebration of all things roller-skating, bringing together enthusiasts, families, and friends for a day filled with joy, laughter, and fantastic memories.London$50.00
Judith Lane Essential FreedomdōTERRA Essential Oils. Providing Therapeutic Essential Oils and Natural Solutions for health and wellness
EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner supporting people with Limiting beliefs from past trauma
Aromatouch technique Therapeutic application of Essential Oils
Globally, in person or over Zoom and online26 Jones Rd
Tyabb 3913 Victoria Australia
Organic Wellness Technology CentreOWTC was established in 2001, the core principle of which is to transfer 100% of our rich history of medicinal herbs, remedies, natural healing methods- to blend advances in modern medicine with the ancient traditional knowledge in a more acceptable and presentable format. Developing encapsulated formulas and methods to remove the root cause of health issues; physical, emotional or spiritual.South Africa and Abroad27 Louw Avenue, Grassy Park, Cape Town, South Africa$10.00
Restoration Team SwitzerlandJoin Telegram Community; Merch on the topic "Restoration of our planet"; EMF meter; Electrocultur - How to's and collecting and publishing the results;Switzerland, Europe, worldwidehttps://www.restorationteam.euRestoration Team Schweiz
Gliserallee 93
3902 Glis
Nano Soma Affiliate business linkAffiliate link from Nano Soma ( that I post on Social Media and marketing the product with information and pictures.Global$50.00
Pathway to WellnessKen and Cecilia’s mutual interest in energy healing work and frequencies lead to the creation of a healing chamber with different energy tools inside .They have been inspired to create a healing protocol using Genius Biofeedback, Rife and Terahertz frequency. Combined with Quantum Med Bed technology, Tesla scalar discs, orgonite generator and healing crystals to help you on your healing journey.Canada, B.C. and Global$100.00
Hydrogen 4 LifeMolecular Hydrogen based products from one of the leading specialists in the field, with over 70,000 having passed through his clinics. The first product available is a Molecular Hydrogen water bottle and there are many more to come in the coming months.Global (The country list is growing currently US, EU, many APAC, EMEA countries)$33.00
https://leighamontigue.comExplore handcrafted inspirational jewelry handmade in Nashville, TN, featuring heartfelt messages, guardian angel pieces, and support jewelry. Meticulously designed with high-quality sterling silver, gold, gemstones, pearls, and crystals, each piece is infused with Reiki, Angel Energy, and positivity becoming symbols of love, support, and empowerment for you and your loved ones.United Stateshttps://leighamontigue.com223 Town Center Pkwy #2002
Spring Hill, TN 37174, USA
MasterPeace - Natural Zeolite Detox Oral Drops - Christine W., AffiliateMasterPeace detox drops with proven test results of removing metals, forever chemicals etc. replacing targeted cell contents with 96 organic minerals. Frequency=605 Natural/Safe for Adults, Kids & Pets. Telegram:@ChristiAZ
Testimonial statements include & may vary: better sleep, vivid dreams, brain clarity & health improvements including weight-loss & noticeable healing.
Serves Internationally & based in USA$100.00
www.soulnirvanic.comAt Make a Wish Face Painting we provide face painting and glitter tattoo artistic design services on the weekends in Miami-Dade and Broward counties for corporate, churches, schools, summer camps, non-profits, and private events. We paint for smiles and donations. All funds donated are used to purchase supplies and promote our holistic garden projects for kids!Miami-Dade, Broward County$100.00
Food Is Your Medicine - Holistic Nutrition and HealthAs a holistic nutritionist i focus on re-establishing equillibrium in nutrition and wellness on individual level,share knowledge through educative presence on social media, so people re-learn to find the balance in food, nutrition and lifestyle in general. I help people to achieve their health goals, Educational aspect of my work focuses on mentoring in smaller or larger groups in different areasLocated in Europe, but provide consultation globally$30.00
BestDNAregenesis.comI am a Parapsychologist & DNA-certified practitioner using the lifeforce energy from two Universes above us during the activations. These sessions are powerful and natural activations that awaken the dormant DNA strands, called junk DNA. Once your Chakras and Morphogenetic Etheric body are clear and activated, you will begin to receive information from Source, GOD. ♥Alberta Canada and Woldwide$75.00
Radionics Energy HealingWith my radionics machine a client sends me their name, DOB and address or comes and visit me and I connect with Jesus and he tells me the frequencys they need to heal them, I put them into the machine and I remove that negative energy from their body thus allowing the body to heal.World wideBox 70 Moosomin, SK. Canada S0G 3N0$250.00
Sacred Temple ArtsSacred Temple Arts provides custom designed holistic intimacy, relationship and overall wellness programs. In-person or virtual. Each session is a unique combination of cutting-edge coaching, education, and healing arts therapies. Modalities provided include: Tantra, Erotic Blueprints™, Energy &/or Bodywork, Meditation & Breathwork, Flower/Gem Essence & Essential Oils, Spirit Awareness and more.Global virtually. Located in MA in USA for in-person. provided to verified clients as it is a home office.$25.00
Comprehensive behavioral health centerBehavioral health careDenver metro area$1,000.00
Hälsopalazet GymOn ABGym träning och hälsa för ålder från 11år uppåt.Nynäshamn Stockholm Swedenhttps://www.gymon.seCentralgatan 16
14932 Nynäshamn
Re-Engineered Brain CoachingMoonCEP® the Moon Cognitive Enhancement Program is a proprietary software program that helps promote the growth of new neuronal pathways. It helps to exercise the brain through various ‘speed in processing’ tasks that strengthen network connections and reduce the amount of local brain activity required to complete a given task. Designed for traumatic brain injury and the learning challenged.British Columbia, Canada, and World Wide iCloud.$200.00
Tessa's Organic CoffeeTessa's Organic Coffee, Squeaky Clean Beans, Certified Organic • SWP Certified Organic Decaf, with Precision Custom Roasting for the love of Fabulous Coffee. Your private Coffee Broker for 38 years ~ let us serve you Tessa's Organic Coffee.  Available online.  We are based in Western Wyoming, US.United State$50.00
Hawaii General ServicesOur General Services as follows:
Asphalt Carpentry Concrete/Masonry Drafting/Permitting Demolition Electrical Fencing/Railings Floorings Irrigation Land development & Painting/Waterproofing/Rustproofing Plumbing Roofing Surveillance/Camera Spalling repair Tiles/Flagstone/Interlock Pavers Weldings and other related work above
Oahu & other Island as necessaryWaipahu Hawai’i 96797
On call 24hrs for emergency
Heiner TheDesignerQuality is a State of Mind***-not a business model !
Being an Architect, Artisan Master in woodwork and Designer, I naturally understand how creations have a benevolent impact on people's close living environment as well as urban expression.
I create ascended designs, unique and high-end furniture, building structures, upgrade and restore.
Blessings of Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love - FREE***
Okanagan, North Okanagan, Shushwap, Canada, plus***$38.00
Rosslyn GardensI produce highly nutritious microgreens, grown using only natural materials and techniques proven by science to increase the health of not only the plants but those who eat my plants.
I use frequency vibration and healing energy while growing and harvesting.
I am a registered and insured energy healer, I offer energy readings to psychically be shown which plants each person needs and why.
Scotland - FifeUnit 3/4
Olympia Arcade
$10.00 based start-up launches First Free Speech Social Media Platform that upholds The First Amendment and promise no censorship. A New Free speech Social Media Platform , Tadalive is driven by the mission to create a friendly, safe social networking space where members can express their thoughts and opinions freely without the fear of being being censored or being banned.United States and worldwide$8.00
White Mountain MT, LLCProvide consultation on project development, self understanding and business development.WESTERN MONTANAKT Wilson
White Mountain Mt LLC
PO Box 881
Corvallis, Montana 59828
Harmonia Productions www.mick.worldConscious music writing and production for film, TV and recording artistsBrighton United Kingdom$5.00
InvigorLife LLCStem cell patches (X39). Harnesses the body heat of humans, dogs, cats, or horses to stimulate specific light frequencies that activate a copper peptide present in the bloodstream, resulting in heightened stem cell activity. These safe and natural stem cell patches for people, horses and pets have benefited millions of individuals, including dogs, cats, and horses,Global$100.00
https://urkraftwasser.deChange your water - change your life!

Ändere dein Wasser - und verändere dein ganzes Leben!

Wasser ist nicht gleich Wasser - hast du darüber schon mal nachgedacht?
Ich beantworte dir gerne deine Fragen rund um das Thema.
Wann sprechen wir uns?
Global and local (Köln und Umgebung)https://urkraftwasser.deBlumenstr. 9
D - 50259 Pulheim (Nähe Köln)
He.oryavocaltraining.comVocal coach and teacher, helping people to sing and speak at their best. Coaching for self confidence on stage.Online all over the world,and face to face in Israel$5.00
Vitality Herbs & ClayDrawn from Nature's most powerful healing resources the world over, Vitality provides whole earthen resource (herb and clay) formulations for detoxification, revitalization, the upgrade of specific biological systems, as well as conscious enhancement, inner transformation, and recovery from the recent COVID-related events. Our focus is on the restoration of body, mind, and soul.Worldwide$200.00
Ascending Community of LightAscending Community of Light provides online courses and materials that help people access and embrace their Divine Potential. We are just beginning this journey and have lots of ideas for growth. Free e-book available for beginners.Worldwide via website. Founded in Washington State, USA$100.00 train and certify Health and Wellness Coaches with the highest accreditations, International Coach Federation and The National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches. We bring knowledge and understanding of the new sciences of Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Glycoscience and Neuroscience to help our students understand health at the cellular level. Our students are trained and certified globally.We conduct all our services on line. Anyone who takes our course can become Certified with advanced coaching skills related to holistic coaching in health and wellness 112 1077 PM Amsterdam$100.00
ErinHuntMusic.comI am a singer and songwriter, dedicated to co-creating music that uplifts the soul.Global$50.00
Gigi's Handmade SoapI make Shea Butter soaps with rich bubbly lather, Sugar Scrubs for all day moisture, Lip Balm for dry irritated lips. All products are handcrafted one ingredient at a time, vegan, no fillers, preservative (sugar scrub) is formaldehyde free & fragrances are phthalate free. I am happy to make a custom 1, 2, or 5 pound batch of soap for you or help you put together a gift package.USA$100.00
Manna Gold SachetWe supply Manna Gold Sachet as a dual peptide tea. People heal much faster after an operation or injury, while also being protected from viral/ bacterial infection. This immune system enhancer has helped many people maintain their health during the pandemic. Manna as we like to call it is a biological miracle of sorts.US/Canada$200.00
Harmonic Egg AntwerpHarmonic Egg Antwerp offers frequency therapy sessions for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing and wellness.
The Harmonic Egg® uses sacred geometry, light, color, and sound frequencies to empower the body’s own healing energy. By amplifying energy resonance within the chamber, the client receives an energy therapy that is precisely controlled, consistent, and repeatable.
global (by remote session), Belgium, Hollandhttp://www.harmoniceggantwerp.beFrankrijklei 26, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium$50.00
www.yogaz.comHello, I am Yogi Barbara. I have developed an eco friendly bamboo clothing that is not about dressing up in skin- tight clothing but comfortable to wear day or night. When you put on yogaz brand, you won't want to take it off.
Yogaz...."It's About You!"
Yogaz is based out of SW Florida-.However there is an online store as well as being featured as a local artisian at The Franklin Shops in Historic Downtown Fort Myers. LLC
2581 Oleander Street
Box 12A
Saint James City, FL 33956
mhcyeg.caResidential and commercial services: Appliance repair and Handyman servicesEdmonton, Alberta, Canada$100.00
Luxury Looms By LoriI provide various types of wearable art made with yarns and fabric: hats, scarves, shawls, headlands and flowers, including animated/character hats as well as baby booties. Most items are individual items not duplicated and in all sizes for men, women, children and babies. I accept most special orders. I really enjoy creating products for others. See luxuryloomsbylori@facebook.comThe US, mostly Arizona, Gilbert Art Walk$100.00
A Way of Life Ministries*We believe it is a travesty for anyone to come to the end of their life and ask, "Why was I even born?" Therefore, A Way of Life was born to empower individuals to discover & live their God-given purpose.
*We support individuals in living out the above by offering seminars, books, speaking engagements, video courses and resources covering God's Kingdom Principles for Living Victoriously.
Worldwide except for books purchased from the website shipping to the domestic US only. Books can also be purchased at Box 4373
Mission Viejo, CA
iuventumThe vision of iuventum is to provide global education across generations.Worldwide online$500.00
Lalen EnterpriseEarth & location healing through energetic and intuitive coaching. We work with people and nature. Plantmedicine and retreat location bringing people and earth together.The Netherlands and all other linked countries and energetic fieldshttps://www.bijderodebeuken.nlSchiphorsterstrast 16, 7227NG Toldijk, the Netherlands$100.00
St. Petersburg Hypnosis Center LLCTammy helps you reprogram your subconscious mind's limiting beliefs to accomplish your goals. Habits, Confidence, Fears, and so much more. Experience hypnosis today.Worldwide via Zoom$10.00
Wellspring of Light"Heal the Soul 1st & the Mind & Body will follow. Tao Healing by Paul Fletcher. Trained by Dr. and Master Sha. Certified Master Teacher and Healer, Tao Healing Hands, Tao Light Transmission, Tao Calligraphy, Akashic Records Reader, Spiritual Guidance, Relationship Counseling. Podcast, Digital Courses, In-Person Training. Private Consultations."Tao healing can serve all souls anywhere in this world. including animals. N 117th East Ave Owasso, OK 74055$25.00