About Field Messengers

Field Messengers are people just like you and me. We report about what matters most in our communities. We share things like breaking news, community events and so much more. Our stories have an impact –they shape our world.

Field Messenger stories help restore the planet by communicating what is really happening. When we do that, we inspire others to do the same.  It is easy to be a Field Messenger, you don’t need any experience. All it takes is awareness and action. For more information, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions portion of the website.

Submit Field Messenger Report Here

Your Field Messenger Report needs to have a story

  • What is your story? Answer these questions….Who What, When, Where, Why, and
  • Let’s remember we are telling a story. A helpful tip is to write out what you want to share with the world before you begin.
  • Things to ask yourself. Why is this story important to share with the world? Think about your audience and how you would explain to them what you have experienced.
  • Please include an Intro saying your name and that you are a field messenger for UNN,
    as well as what this story is about.

You are the director of your story

  • When you fill out the questions below, please be clear with your details so we can easily
    understand what you are saying. Please pay extra attention to the description of your

Please provide us with the following information

  • Your name that you want listed in your report. Your first name is all we need.
  • Your location (as specific as you feel comfortable) City and Country (Where your report is coming from)
  • In addition to providing my name and location, I would like to also provide the phonetic spelling of each. My name is [name] and it is pronounced [phonetics]. My location is [location], which is pronounced [phonetics]. Please make sure to pronounce my name and location correctly in case they are featured in the news.
  • What title would you give to your FM Report (Please note we might need to change it to fit the graphics)
  • Describe, what is your FM Report about (1-2 sentences)
  • What is the backstory or what inspired your FM Report?
  • If you have any links that you want to include in the report, please share them here in the text (don’t put them in the video).

Submission Elements

  • Your total report can be up to 10 minutes and ideally no less than 1-2 minutes.
  • Maximum videos and pictures submitted with your report is 10 (10 total images/videos
    and not each)
  • Use your own first hand video content and photographs. Please do not use stock images
    or videos, even if they are copyright free.
  • Please do not add music to your video unless it is something you created yourself and it
    is part of your story.
  • Please do not include any text in your video.

Other important points

  • If your report is about a healing option please share about it from your own personal or
    first hand experience only.
  • Please pause for three (3) seconds before you start your video or voice over. Please
    pause for three (3) seconds before you end your video. Pauses help the editors later.
  • We cannot accept reports about your assemblies, needs assessments, or restoration
    projects/plans at this time. You can share what your group is doing and creating, but
    please do not use these terms in your video.
  • Please do not mention CARE or Kim in your report.
  • If your report is too broad a subject or an opinion piece we cannot use it.
  • Documentary ideas are lovely, but at this time we cannot accept these.
  • Although we love your music, we cannot accept music videos at this time.
  • Even though we still see chemtrails on Earth, we ask you to focus on another topic for a
    field messenger report.

What should be included in my report?

Your report ideally will look and feel authentic and be relatable to others around the world! Our volunteer staff devotes a lot of time to each report. The administrators who connect with you along the way can spend 2 hours or more on each report.

Our volunteer editors will give 3-6 hours of their time to edit each report. All of the above considerations are to nurture the atmosphere of field messengers and volunteers feeling equally appreciated and valued.

Field Messenger Video Creation Tips

Field Messenger Creator Tip 1
Field Messenger Creator Tip 2
Field Messenger Creator Tip 3
Field Messenger Creator Tip 4
Field Messenger Creator Tip 5
Field Messenger Creator Tip 6

Where do I send my video?

Go to Submit Your Field Messenger Report on our website.  Complete the information form and attach your file(s). 

How do I contact the field messenger team?

You can join our Telegram Group   or  Send Us an Email